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Yay! 3lbs down June 25, 2012

Filed under: food,loser — Divina @ 5:01 pm

The first week on Skinny Rules, I wasn’t that hungry and now on first day of week two, I’ve turned into a hungry hungry hippo! I decided to stick with another week of the 1st week foods (blandish food) because I was still tempted by all the other bad choices at work and home. I had more than the one allowed splurge meal, I probably had close to 7 (one for each day, whoops) including a huge slice of this delicious vegan cake. I can’t stress how delicious this cake is! I’m drooling, just thinking about it.

I guess all my splurges weren’t too horribly bad because I’m down 3 pounds! Yay and awesome sauce!! Now, if only I could motivate myself to get off the couch…. :/ I can do it!


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