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Forgive me…. July 13, 2012

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Forgive me Father err Bob, for I have sinned.

  1. First off, I haven’t been drinking the allotted 16oz of H2O with each meal or snack. I’m probably a little ok ok, a lot dehydrated.
  2. I haven’t been logging my food for close to a weak. Ugh!
  3. I ate a whole container of Talenti Gelato in two days. It was my fault since I did buy it.
  4. With the gelato plus a Gatorade and more, I’ve had way too much sugar.
  5. I certainly haven’t been making great choices either.
  6. And I haven’t been active, which probably accounts for my sleeplessness.

What can I say, I fell off the wagon.  Not to make excuses, but my schedule has been strange lately and I won’t lie (to myself), I’m a creature of habit.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t like to shake things up a bit, but ummm yeah.  My goal starting tomorrow on is to get my ass back on track.

Tomorrow is a new day. I can do this.  I want to find my inner gym rat that was there a long time ago. And I’ve been soda free for over 3 weeks now!


Learning is hard July 4, 2012

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Down another 4lbs as I round into week 3 of the Skinny Rules “diet”. Yay!! I’m actually kind of surprised I lost this week because I fell off the “logging my food” habit I had created plus there were a few celebrations.  I’m also trying to work on my timing with the meals.  I work such weird hours, that it’s getting harder to fit in my dinner.  I try to leave myself 12 hours from my last meal until my breakfast but fitting dinner in after lunch and snack is hard.  I’m often full to the brim after lunch as well.

I still have lots of stuff to learn and work on as well.  This week, I’m trying to get my geeky ass off out of the house and get into some sort of action. Sometimes, I wish there was a willpower pill.  I have lots of things I want to accomplish, but don’t seem to get many of them done.