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Forgive me…. July 13, 2012

Filed under: thoughts — Divina @ 7:42 pm

Forgive me Father err Bob, for I have sinned.

  1. First off, I haven’t been drinking the allotted 16oz of H2O with each meal or snack. I’m probably a little ok ok, a lot dehydrated.
  2. I haven’t been logging my food for close to a weak. Ugh!
  3. I ate a whole container of Talenti Gelato in two days. It was my fault since I did buy it.
  4. With the gelato plus a Gatorade and more, I’ve had way too much sugar.
  5. I certainly haven’t been making great choices either.
  6. And I haven’t been active, which probably accounts for my sleeplessness.

What can I say, I fell off the wagon.  Not to make excuses, but my schedule has been strange lately and I won’t lie (to myself), I’m a creature of habit.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t like to shake things up a bit, but ummm yeah.  My goal starting tomorrow on is to get my ass back on track.

Tomorrow is a new day. I can do this.  I want to find my inner gym rat that was there a long time ago. And I’ve been soda free for over 3 weeks now!


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