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New Year, New Me January 18, 2013

Filed under: loser,thoughts — Divina @ 7:01 pm

I’m still here, almost 6 months later and 27 lbs lighter (as of the 16th).

I’m still following most of the Skinny Rules but have modified it to fit my style.  I primarily count calories, watch my portions and save up for the occasional cheat meal.  I’m also keeping myself honest by logging my ALL food on myfitnesspal and I’ve been at it for almost 2 months so it’s a habit now.  I gave up soda completely and don’t miss it much.  (I get those occasional cravings when I’m eating really salty food but they pass eventually)  I cut back on my sugar again (the holidays were rough) and seem to be okay lately with the exception of a HUGE chocolate craving now.  Thank goodness for Dark Chocolate. ahhhhh!

While I’m still losing (I want to try to lose another 30ish and get to onederland) I need to get myself to a gym and start getting back into the swing of things.  My biggest issue is finding the right combination that feels good.  I work later so I have to go before work but I think I need to give myself a bit more time or else I arrive sweating like mad and as red as a lobster.

Sorry for the messy entry, I’m just trying to get all this off my mind.  I’ll be back! 🙂