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Welcome to ONE-derland! March 3, 2013

Filed under: achievement,loser,thoughts — Divina @ 11:41 am

I’m so happy! I brought in the new month with another loss bringing me to ONE-derland! I can’t tell you the last time I was in the 100s. I would guesstimate that it was in my early teens.

These past few months have been a struggle. Little motivation had a lot to do with it. I guess I just needed a month of many cheat days (no gains though) and not focusing on the scale to get me back in the right frame of mind. I also found more motivation from watching vlogs on YouTube and posts on Instagram. I knew I wasn’t the only one in the world losing weight but since I’m doing this alone without help from anyone in my immediate circle but it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my daily struggles with cravings and lack of motivation.

I think I need to create a schedule and try plan my activities (work, workouts & gaming. Yes, I said gaming because I am a total geek) into them. I’m not sure if that would work but my non-existent schedule is clearly not working at this point and time.

So now that I’ve accomplished my first achievement (hit ONE-derland), I’m debating on the next one? Maybe be active at least 3 days a week?



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