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Making time… March 26, 2013

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VinesIt’s not easy to always make time for myself. I have a full time job and on top of that, my commute ranges from 35 minutes to 1 hour one way so on top of spending 8 1/2 hours at work I’m also on the road for another 1 1/2 hours.  Combine this with trying to get a full 8 hours of beauty sleep (some nights I stay up too late and suffer) and I’m left with 6 hours.  I could do a lot in 6 hours if I really thought about it.  So what am I doing with my 6 whole hours of free time?  Ummmm..  at the moment, nothing I’m particularly proud of.  Lets see, I stay in bed for an extra 30ish minutes checking YouTube and Instagram and I get an hour or two of geek time in at night.  Where’s my exercise time?  Oh that’s right, I don’t have time for that!?!?!  Oh brain… what happened to you?  Why must you fill my head with lies sometimes?

So… it dawned on me the other day that I have time in between my time.  Huh? Wha?  I had a brilliant idea that I could get a few extra steps on my 15 minute breaks.  Why didn’t I think about that before?  In the last few days, I’ve discovered that I can a) walk about 3/4 mile in my 15 minutes b) get my vitamin D dosage for the day c) find beautiful things to photograph d) and burn more calories!  Yay!  I’m a genius!

My next plan of attack, making time to get my ass to the gym.  The scale and I haven’t been getting along very well.  I’m thinking it’s a love/hate relationship.  I’m pretty sure we would be best friends if I didn’t sabotage the relationship with all this extra sugar that I can’t stop craving.  Go away cravings! I could also move my ass a little more often to burn off all the added sugar I seem to be inhaling lately. Can we say Cardio??


Meal Prep FTW March 19, 2013

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turkey squashNothing sucks more than coming home hungry or worse, starving and knowing that it’s going to take roughly 20+ minutes to make a healthy meal.  Then you decide that you’re going to cook yourself one instead of popping in that “oh so nutritious” frozen bean burrito that you keep handy for emergencies like this.  But while cooking, you munch on goodies and when you tally up the calories you find out you’ve gone over your calories for the day with your extra munching. UGH!!!

This past week, I experimented with meal prepping.  On my days off, I often cook an extra dish so the mister can have a healthier meal when he gets home since I won’t be cooking. (I work later shifts and cooking at 11pm does NOT work for me)  But I cooked 2 meals this past week and while it did get boring having the same meal for lunch every day, it was nice to not have to plan ahead and try to come up with something before I left the house.

Tomorrow I have more plans to prep for the week.  While I’m not 100% sure what I’m cooking this week (plan ahead fail), I’m working on ideas in my head.  I’m thinking my goal should be to prep 5 days x 2 (10 meals) with an extra one, just in case.  And since I only shop twice a month, I’m thinking I need to make a veggie prep day too.


Welcome to ONE-derland! March 3, 2013

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I’m so happy! I brought in the new month with another loss bringing me to ONE-derland! I can’t tell you the last time I was in the 100s. I would guesstimate that it was in my early teens.

These past few months have been a struggle. Little motivation had a lot to do with it. I guess I just needed a month of many cheat days (no gains though) and not focusing on the scale to get me back in the right frame of mind. I also found more motivation from watching vlogs on YouTube and posts on Instagram. I knew I wasn’t the only one in the world losing weight but since I’m doing this alone without help from anyone in my immediate circle but it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my daily struggles with cravings and lack of motivation.

I think I need to create a schedule and try plan my activities (work, workouts & gaming. Yes, I said gaming because I am a total geek) into them. I’m not sure if that would work but my non-existent schedule is clearly not working at this point and time.

So now that I’ve accomplished my first achievement (hit ONE-derland), I’m debating on the next one? Maybe be active at least 3 days a week?



New Year, New Me January 18, 2013

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I’m still here, almost 6 months later and 27 lbs lighter (as of the 16th).

I’m still following most of the Skinny Rules but have modified it to fit my style.  I primarily count calories, watch my portions and save up for the occasional cheat meal.  I’m also keeping myself honest by logging my ALL food on myfitnesspal and I’ve been at it for almost 2 months so it’s a habit now.  I gave up soda completely and don’t miss it much.  (I get those occasional cravings when I’m eating really salty food but they pass eventually)  I cut back on my sugar again (the holidays were rough) and seem to be okay lately with the exception of a HUGE chocolate craving now.  Thank goodness for Dark Chocolate. ahhhhh!

While I’m still losing (I want to try to lose another 30ish and get to onederland) I need to get myself to a gym and start getting back into the swing of things.  My biggest issue is finding the right combination that feels good.  I work later so I have to go before work but I think I need to give myself a bit more time or else I arrive sweating like mad and as red as a lobster.

Sorry for the messy entry, I’m just trying to get all this off my mind.  I’ll be back! 🙂


Forgive me…. July 13, 2012

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Forgive me Father err Bob, for I have sinned.

  1. First off, I haven’t been drinking the allotted 16oz of H2O with each meal or snack. I’m probably a little ok ok, a lot dehydrated.
  2. I haven’t been logging my food for close to a weak. Ugh!
  3. I ate a whole container of Talenti Gelato in two days. It was my fault since I did buy it.
  4. With the gelato plus a Gatorade and more, I’ve had way too much sugar.
  5. I certainly haven’t been making great choices either.
  6. And I haven’t been active, which probably accounts for my sleeplessness.

What can I say, I fell off the wagon.  Not to make excuses, but my schedule has been strange lately and I won’t lie (to myself), I’m a creature of habit.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t like to shake things up a bit, but ummm yeah.  My goal starting tomorrow on is to get my ass back on track.

Tomorrow is a new day. I can do this.  I want to find my inner gym rat that was there a long time ago. And I’ve been soda free for over 3 weeks now!


Day 6: Log it and eat it June 25, 2012

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It’s day 6 of my first week on the Skinny Rules diet and I’ve discovered, already, that if I don’t plan my meals down to the snacks I’ll stray a little bit (note to self: get rid of all the yummy temptations in the house & work place). So each morning or night before, if possible, I’ve been planning my meals. And the most important part, I’m logging them all down in my FitBook.

Also, does it seem that it’s too much food? I mean, it can’t possibly be, right? But I’m almost putting myself into a food coma after lunch and dinner. Maybe I need to scale back on the amount of protein in each meal? Meh, I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I go along.