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Learning is hard July 4, 2012

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Down another 4lbs as I round into week 3 of the Skinny Rules “diet”. Yay!! I’m actually kind of surprised I lost this week because I fell off the “logging my food” habit I had created plus there were a few celebrations.  I’m also trying to work on my timing with the meals.  I work such weird hours, that it’s getting harder to fit in my dinner.  I try to leave myself 12 hours from my last meal until my breakfast but fitting dinner in after lunch and snack is hard.  I’m often full to the brim after lunch as well.

I still have lots of stuff to learn and work on as well.  This week, I’m trying to get my geeky ass off out of the house and get into some sort of action. Sometimes, I wish there was a willpower pill.  I have lots of things I want to accomplish, but don’t seem to get many of them done.


Yay! 3lbs down June 25, 2012

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The first week on Skinny Rules, I wasn’t that hungry and now on first day of week two, I’ve turned into a hungry hungry hippo! I decided to stick with another week of the 1st week foods (blandish food) because I was still tempted by all the other bad choices at work and home. I had more than the one allowed splurge meal, I probably had close to 7 (one for each day, whoops) including a huge slice of this delicious vegan cake. I can’t stress how delicious this cake is! I’m drooling, just thinking about it.

I guess all my splurges weren’t too horribly bad because I’m down 3 pounds! Yay and awesome sauce!! Now, if only I could motivate myself to get off the couch…. :/ I can do it!


Day 6: Log it and eat it

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It’s day 6 of my first week on the Skinny Rules diet and I’ve discovered, already, that if I don’t plan my meals down to the snacks I’ll stray a little bit (note to self: get rid of all the yummy temptations in the house & work place). So each morning or night before, if possible, I’ve been planning my meals. And the most important part, I’m logging them all down in my FitBook.

Also, does it seem that it’s too much food? I mean, it can’t possibly be, right? But I’m almost putting myself into a food coma after lunch and dinner. Maybe I need to scale back on the amount of protein in each meal? Meh, I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I go along.