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Meal Prep FTW March 19, 2013

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turkey squashNothing sucks more than coming home hungry or worse, starving and knowing that it’s going to take roughly 20+ minutes to make a healthy meal.  Then you decide that you’re going to cook yourself one instead of popping in that “oh so nutritious” frozen bean burrito that you keep handy for emergencies like this.  But while cooking, you munch on goodies and when you tally up the calories you find out you’ve gone over your calories for the day with your extra munching. UGH!!!

This past week, I experimented with meal prepping.  On my days off, I often cook an extra dish so the mister can have a healthier meal when he gets home since I won’t be cooking. (I work later shifts and cooking at 11pm does NOT work for me)  But I cooked 2 meals this past week and while it did get boring having the same meal for lunch every day, it was nice to not have to plan ahead and try to come up with something before I left the house.

Tomorrow I have more plans to prep for the week.  While I’m not 100% sure what I’m cooking this week (plan ahead fail), I’m working on ideas in my head.  I’m thinking my goal should be to prep 5 days x 2 (10 meals) with an extra one, just in case.  And since I only shop twice a month, I’m thinking I need to make a veggie prep day too.